7 Basic Cell Phone Etiquette Tips

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Do you have good cell phone manners? Following are some tips that will help you improve them and not drive those around you crazy. When at a restaurant and your guest(s) have arrived, turn your phone off or put it on silent mode and place in your pocket, purse, or briefcase. Don’t put your phone on the restaurant table as you may be distracted and will stop making the human connection with your guest(s). During business meetings, show respect to the person conducting the meeting and put your phone on vibrate or, even better, turn your phone off. When I
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My wife and I mentor a seven-year-old boy named Moises through Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and he loves to play video games, watch TV, spend time on the computer, and play games on his sister’s cell phone—it’s obvious he loves technology and spends a lot of time involved with it. But because we don’t want our time with him focused on technology we strive to do activities with him that encourage interaction to help build his social skills. For one of his outings, we took him to Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California, where there are numerous stores and restaurants, not
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Do You Make A Good First Impression?

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Making a good impression is crucial in the world of business. Until you’ve sold someone your goods or services, which can then speak for themselves, all your would-be clients have to go on is the impression you make on them. Excerpt from  Has Technology Left Us Speechless? – Restoring The Human Connection In Our Digital Age I was always told that I should hold my head up when I enter a room and to make eye contact with the people in it, not only to give myself an air of confidence, but to become confident by virtue of making it
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We Must Disconnect To Connect

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In the past few decades, technology has significantly changed the way we work and live. The lightning fast internet has profoundly improved the way people gather information and now allows us to do business expediently, almost anywhere in the world. Technology is a wonderful thing, but the truth is that the digital dialogue of smartphones, email, text messaging and social sites is no replacement for verbal, face-to-face communication in building relationships, whether in business or at home. In fact, while families have the benefit of communicating with each other frequently because of smartphones and text messaging, some are actually spending
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