7 Ways To Stay Motivated Every Day

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Because I talk about motivation all the time, people always ask me how I stay motivated. How I come up with my ideas, keep my energy level steady, maintain my high spirits training after training and keynote after keynote. In order to stay motivated, I renew motivation every day.  I’ll share what works for me, and if you put these same secrets into practice, I imagine you’ll find that they work for you too. 1. Seek inspiration. I constantly seek and surround myself with people who inspire me and from whom I can learn (no toxic people allowed!). 2. Daily
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Do You Make A Good First Impression?

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Making a good impression is crucial in the world of business. Until you’ve sold someone your goods or services, which can then speak for themselves, all your would-be clients have to go on is the impression you make on them. Excerpt from  Has Technology Left Us Speechless? – Restoring The Human Connection In Our Digital Age I was always told that I should hold my head up when I enter a room and to make eye contact with the people in it, not only to give myself an air of confidence, but to become confident by virtue of making it
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