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Because I talk about motivation all the time, people always ask me how I stay motivated. How I come up with my ideas, keep my energy level steady, maintain my high spirits training after training and keynote after keynote. In order to stay motivated, I renew motivation every day.  I’ll share what works for me, and if you put these same secrets into practice, I imagine you’ll find that they work for you too.

1. Seek inspiration.

I constantly seek and surround myself with people who inspire me and from whom I can learn (no toxic people allowed!).

2. Daily education.

I listen to educational/inspirational CD’s when I’m in the car, even on a short drive I learn a new nugget or two. My office shelves are stocked with books and magazines that feed my mind and spirit. I take every opportunity I can to continually improve my business and personal life. Remember: You are either green and growing, or ripe and rotten.

3. Keep good company.

I subscribe to the belief that if I’m the smartest person in the room, I’m probably in the wrong room.

4. Be thankful.

I pray and thank God for all my blessings on a daily basis.

5. Healthy lifestyle.

My wife and I exercise and eat right as part of our healthy lifestyle.  We enjoy hot yoga for its numerous health benefits, and it’s a great way to unplug for 60 minutes – no phones allowed!

6. Start each day on a positive note.

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is feed my mind positive thoughts. I do not turn my cell phone on for at least 30 minutes. I use this time to talk to my wife over coffee, or go over my to-do-list, read, or just some quite time to myself.

7. Get a good nights sleep.

Before going to sleep I like to read, or write down my successes for the day, or envision a positive outcome for one of my goals. I unplug from technology at least 30 minutes before turning out the lights. Studies have shown that tablets, smartphones and other devices with self-luminous electric displays are major sources for suppressing melatonin at night therefore disrupting sleep. Getting between 7 -9 hours of quality sleep directly affects your mental sharpness, productivity, emotional balance, and can relieve stress.

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