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Making a good impression is crucial in the world of business. Until you’ve sold someone your goods or services, which can then speak for themselves, all your would-be clients have to go on is the impression you make on them. Excerpt from  Has Technology Left Us Speechless? – Restoring The Human Connection In Our Digital Age I was always told that I should hold my head up when I enter a room and to make eye contact with the people in it, not only to give myself an air of confidence, but to become confident by virtue of making it a habit. Think about it: If you do the reverse by keeping your eyes on the ground, you’ll appear insecure and maybe even confused. Likewise, if your eyes aren’t focused on anything because you’re entering a room (or meeting) while talking or texting on your cell phone, you’ll appear rude even if you’re not intending to be. There may be a justifiable reason for you to be on the phone at that moment, but the truth is that you will appear rude and will have lost the chance to make a good impression, at least in that particular instance. Those awaiting your arrival will be less likely to want to listen to you when you do focus on them; therefore, connecting with people should always come before connecting with technology. If most communication is through technology that camouflages and shelter the user, will they be able to communicate as well with the person in the next room? And if they’re awkward when it comes to face-to-face communication, will they appear rude and insensitive? And if so, will that hinder their chance of living the life they want? Will they ever be able to learn the art of making a good impression? How will they perform in job interviews? How will they communicate in person when speaking to colleagues, bosses, or clients? Making a bad impression is fairly easy.
 Making a good impression is even easier.

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